Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Actions to take if the Project Server 2007 queue stops processing jobs

There are several reasons why the queue can get stuck. The easiest way to know whether the queue is stuck is to look in the Manage Queue page in PWA. If there are several jobs sitting in the “Waiting to be processes” state, then the queue is most likely stuck.

The thing to do first is to find the one job that is in queue position 1 and that is holding up all the other jobs from processing. Follow these steps to help find the stuckedjob:

1) In the “Manage Queue” page in PWA>Server Settings expand the “Job History”
and set the “From Date” back to as early as you think the stuck job might be found. A week back would probably be sufficient if this is a recent occurrence.
2) In the “Job Completion Status” remove all jobs statuses and only add back in the following: Getting Queued, Processing
3) Hit the “Refresh” button in the Jobs Grid

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